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scaredy bones website header of flowers with smiling faces and moody alterative illustrations of females



We use our quirks to create unique art!

Welcome to Scaredy Bones a woman-run business, for maximalist, quirky, illustrated gifts. First of all allow me to introduce myself, my name is Gina Shord, a country bumpkin now living in London .

I've worked as an Illustrator since 2015,

after studying a degree in Illustration by the sea,

at Falmouth University.

I take a lot of my inspiration from tattoo culture, classic horror, mexican art, the female form & more recently ancient Egyptian art. I love developing alternative products, and Scaredy Bones allows me to indulge in both product design & illustration.


Instagram: @GinaShordDraws

photo of gina shord london based illustrator and owner of scaredy bones holding a clay potted candle with rain scent
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